throttle Body Insulator Installation

Written by: Daox

     So you got yourself a throttle body insulator. Or, maybe you are just looking at getting one. In either case here is how we're going to install one on a 1995+ Tercel. The installation is very easy and shouldn't take more than 30 minutes.

     We'll start off by removing the intake plumbing to the throttle body. On my car I am using the stock tubing and just popped off the top of the airbox. I then disconnected the intake air temperature sensor and the vacuum line going to the airbox. With those disconnected I set the top of the airbox off to the side while still connected to the valve cover vent.

     With the tubing and airbox out of the way you can go ahead and remove the two nuts and two bolts holding the throttle body onto the intake manifold. You'll need an extension to get at the rear bolt. With the bolts and nuts removed go ahead and remove the throttle cable as well.

    Now its time to remove the throttle body. Just give a tug on it and it'll come off. You'll most likely have to work it back and forth a little. With the throttle body off you can now remove the old gasket that is between the throttle and the manifold. Most likely the gasket will be stuck to the throttle body as was my situation. I had to peel it off, and even then it was brittle and ended up cracking. If this happens to you just make sure you clean off all the old gasket off the back side of the throttle body before prodeceeding. I just used a pocket knife to scrape it off.

    Now we get to install the insulator. (note: mk2 insulators are white, mk1 are black) I highly recommend using smearing some gasket maker on it to ensure it sesals up. Now, just slide it over the studs on the intake manifold. Then we can reinstall the throttle body. I told you this was simple.

    We just have to button everything back up now. Replace the two nuts and two bolts that hold the throttle body to the manifold. In my case I noticed that the bolts were plenty long but the studs were a bit on the shorter side. The nuts only thread on about 3/4 of the way. As with the intake manifold insulators you'll need to be careful here and not overtighten these.

    Next we'll put the airbox back on. Make sure to reconnect the vacuum hose and intake air temperature sensor. Tighten down the hose clamps. Also, don't be like me and get excited and try to drive off without reattaching the throttle cable. Trust me, you won't get far. At this point you may need to adjust your throttle cable, so go ahead and double check all your connections. Then go ahead and start it up. I told you it was a piece of cake.

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You can look at the development of the insulators here.
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